Writing an introduction to yourself is, quite frankly, 11204391_10204971090253709_3243697440035172344_nan awkward thing to do, especially when  you have 1.) no experience with writing in any kind of public format 2.) no real direction with where this blog is meant to take you, and 3.) no idea who will read this, other than your mom (who could probably write a better introduction to you, than you).

What my mind goes to when I think “introduction” is immediately slapping a bunch of labels onto myself, and doing so in a finite number of characters (thank you, Twitter).  Hashtags, if you will, attempting to confine my identity to a series of words or clever phrases meant to describe who I am and what my role is in the world.  #christian #wife #soon-to-be-mommy #friend #teacher #coach #hotmess.

Hashtags. Labels. Those are just futile attempts to try to sum up who we really are.  We are so much more than what the world sees, or has to say about us.  So I’m just going to leave my introduction at that.



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